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Welcome to Phil Leonelli Music

Providing Individualized Online Music Instruction

At PhilLeonelliMusic, we’re passionate about providing online individualized music instruction geared to motivate and inspire students to the next level of accomplishment.


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Phil Leonelli

My Background

My name is Phil Leonelli. I am a retired Public School Music Teacher with teaching experience on the east coast (New Hampshire) and the west coast (California).  My specialty during my career was both vocal and instrumental instruction (Band/Choir) as well as Technology (TV Tech).  I have taught in the public schools as a band/choir instructor in the elementary, junior high and high school settings. My performance instrument is piano/keyboard, however I have had experience teaching woodwinds, brass and percussion.  Along with my teaching profession, I performed professionally as a pianist/vocalist in the local areas that I lived.


Presently, I am teaching virtually from my studio in the San Diego area.  My studio consists of a grand piano, Yamaha keyboard a MacBook Pro, Focusrite interface and a variety of microphones and cameras to aid in delivering quality online instruction. I also use a variety of tools and software to deliver online instruction including Forte (in place of Zoom), Google Drive and Google Docs for lesson instructions, music (iReal Pro, forScore, ProMetronome Music Method books, etc.) with both video and audio support.  I am teaching a variety of students from elementary age to adults. Each of my students is provided with an individualized lesson objective with their experience and musical interest in mind. I see my job as a motivator, developing lessons to meet the needs of my students.  I continue to perform professionally in the local area

as a pianist/vocalist for private parties, local restaurant and piano bar settings. I am also a music minister for my church and providing music for weddings and funerals. My music may be expanded as I add violinist, cellist, bass, guitar and drums from my library of excellent local musicians.


I thoroughly love and am dedicated to teaching remotely. I see it as a benefit to all of my students (and families) in that it is extremely easy to schedule weekly lessons, make-up lessons and deliver quality music instruction each week. I look forward to continuing to teach remotely in the future.

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Mr. Leonelli teaches my 15 year old piano and she has grown significantly since she started a year ago. She is challenged at each lesson and Mr. Leonelli is supportive and encouraging her to go beyond her own expectations. Her lessons started in person, but went virtual 10 months ago without any disruption in her progress. Playing at home on the family piano is so convenient for our work and school schedules. We highly recommend Mr. Leonelli and he is the right fit for any student that wants to learn and love music.



In my lessons with Mr. Leonelli I have grown as a player and been challenged each week. Even in this weird time I have been able to expand my skills in every aspect from theory to repertoire. The transition from in-person lessons to virtual was smooth and made no interference in my continual progress.


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As an adult student of piano and a lifelong flutist and vocalist I feel privileged to have found a teacher like Phil Leonelli. I look forward to every lesson and expanding not only my repertoire but my understanding of technique as well. It is rare to find such a gifted performer who has an equal calling and passion for the art of teaching.   

  Thank you so much Phil.  I am so grateful for your brilliant teaching.


Phil Leonelli has been my boys piano teacher for several years.  Alec is young autistic adult and music is one of big loves in his life.  He’s a big Elvis and Johnny Cash fan, but loves every aspect of music and enjoys learning new songs from different artists. 

In March, 2020, when the Corona virus hit, Phil was able to adjust Alec’s lessons to a Zoom format.  Alec was thrilled to continue his piano lessons, especially since his guitar lessons were canceled.  Phil is a phenomenal teacher and Alec truly appreciates all his efforts to keep music in his life and our home. I appreciate Phil’s personal approach to teaching and understanding Alec’s unique abilities.

Thank you Phil!


Phil is my piano teacher and my friend.  I enjoy the piano with him on Zoom.




Phil has been my piano teacher for three years, this last year we went to virtual lessons.  I started lessons for my 50th birthday, after years of admiring his piano playing at church. Thankfully the technology on my end is simple. I watch a lot of piano players on Youtube, and Phil's camera set up is like a well produced video. Most of all I am happy that Phil's greatest qualities of being a fun, easygoing and encouraging teacher weren't lost from not being in person.  



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